NEW RELEASE: Boy On Guitar – “Altered Course Session” –

We are delighted to announce the second of our two exclusive releases for Record Store Day 2018 available on April 21st. We are releasing Boy On Guitar’s live session on limited edition 7″ lathe records. Order now in our label store.

The session was recorded live by Chris Avis in 2016 and was originally meant to be released on Record Store Day 2017. However, the release was delayed due to the label going on hiatus. Since then, Chris tragically passed away in a terrible accident and we were not sure what to do with this release. After much thought and consideration, we felt as though the best thing to do would be to move forward with the release as a tribute to the amazing person and friend that Chris was. He lived for music and the scene will never be the same without him.

Rest in Peace Chris Avis – 1985-2017.

Cavis Tapes Forever.

To honor the memory of Chris and the love that he had for his dog, Majerle, proceeds from this release will be donated directly to PetSmart Charities, which is a non-profit organization that focuses exclusively on ending pet homelessness in the United States.

Stream the session here:


Order now in our label store.

ronald records promo final.png

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